Hacking the Quoting System

Hacking the Quoting System

There is no shame in the desire to get the best price you can. Especially when you’re spending a ton on an event.

Sure, there will be some aspects of party planning where the price is irrelevant; You know what you want and you’re willing to pay for it.

But what about everything else? You might have already booked that photographer you simply need for your party but how do you sort through the musicians, the event decorators, the videographers, caterers? You want to get numbers–not conversations that leave you feeling invested in one vendor before getting to compare.

The quoting system is unquestionably there to get you. Everyone wants your number, they want to chat to you, they want to sell to you. So how do you hack it? How do you get your quotes without spending time beating off vendors with the yard stick you’re using to measure the exact size of your backyard?

As a vendor ourselves, we can tell you how-to our own detriment perhaps, but we’ll take the hit.

The key here is to be specific. Be very specific. If you leave no room for further questions they will have no choice other than to give you a quote and leave you alone to compare, ruminate, and consider eloping. 

Make sure you’ve included the date, location, exact times you want their services for and any post-production work you want done. Remember to specify the style of work you want done as well. It’s actually helpful to vendors when they can give you an accurate quote and you’ll likely weed out vendors that don’t suit your needs. 

Once you’ve got the perfect text and closed all your loopholes, get onto a list of relevant vendors like this one and copy and paste to every number and email address available. 

Enjoy comparing, ruminating and considering eloping. 

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