Keeping Up With the Jones’

Keeping Up With the Jones’

I know the feeling. It’s a niggling voice in the back of your mind that keeps saying, “But what about…” It’s the part of you that makes you wear uncomfortable shoes sometimes or smile when you want to scowl. And it has its purpose, I’ll give you that.

But now that you’re planning something important, the voice is suddenly amplified. It has a face, disappointment, maybe? Expectation? It can be deafening. It convinces you to buy items you don’t think you need, get something bigger than you feel it should be and alters the ambiance you really want at your event.

So I’ll share a secret with you.

In all my years in the event industry, I haven’t yet met the Jones’.

I’ve never yet laid eyes on the family that sets the protocol or believes that they are the standard. I have yet to find the people that set everyone else’s expectations by magically meeting them. It’s a sham.

No one knows better than anyone else the ‘right’ way to execute a bat mitzvah or a wedding. No one knows what the ‘perfect’ centrepiece looks like or how the ‘ideal’ main course should taste.

If you’re wondering what the standard is–there is none.

So now, with the whole world suddenly your oyster, (or slider, whatever suits you!) what do you want your special event to look like? What food makes you and your family happy? Do you even like centrepieces?

I challenge you to redefine your event based on what you think will have a meaningful impact on the people that matter.

Take the plunge, bite the bullet, hire a balloon artist for a 90th. Go on. I dare you.

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